Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You Know it Time to Trim Down When..

You know it’s time to start trimming down when…

You’re taking family pictures and you look at the picture and mention you look on the chubby side, your mom, turns to you with a knowing look and says, “honey, you just need to suck in!” you turn back to her, a cold sweat running down your back and say,.. “Mom, I was…”

Suddenly, you’re wondering why you bought all of you pants a size too small.. or maybe you just dried them.. right?

You find unbuttoning your top button as you sit down to eat is becoming part of your routine..

Jeggings start to replace all other pants in your closet.. elastic band baby

Your “fat day clothes” start becoming your normal clothes..

When joking about weight with your brother, he looks at you and says.. “yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that..”

Jered can tell me he loves me "curvy" all he wants, but as I started checking off all the things on this list, I realized I couldn’t deny the facts any longer.. I had officially become “that girl who gains weight her first year of marriage” I had to do something fast.. so we've decided to start... drum roll please.. P90X! So far, we've done it every single night this week.. yes that would be Monday night and Tuesday night.. but so far things are going great!  It's a great reminder as to just how out of shape I am when I see Jered doing everything on the "advanced" level and I'm begging to stop after 30 minutes of the modified version.. Jered makes me do it in my skivies which keeps things interesting.. and.. this may be a little to much information.. but last night we were doing these jump and pull your knees to your chest thing when I heard this weird clapping noise.. Come to find out, it was my actual THIGHS clapping together when I jumped.. I should add that to my "ways you know it's time to slim down" list.  Jered lost it and fell to the floor in histerics.. he thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened.  So much for being ok with a little more to love..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Festivities

Hello! I’m back again! I realized I had gone too long without blogging when I started getting that itchy-fingered feeling to write something. Now that it’s been so long, I can decide on a specific topic.. so I’ll start with the one at hand… CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I don’t know what it is about this year, maybe the fact that it’s Jered and my first Christmas together but I have been a nut. I get so excited every time I think about anything Christmas (even if it is a little hard to get in Christmas mode when it’s 73 degrees and sunny out). I made this huge list of things I wanted to do and have been slowly crossing them off. We got back from Thanksgiving, which PS was WONDERFUL!!

 on Nov 29 and I wanted the tree up RIGHT THEN.. I couldn’t wait!! We didn’t even have a tree so we had to go buy one and poor Jered was like dying. He has been really sick for over a week now, but I drug him out of the house and we got a tree on I think last Wednesday night. The suspense was KILLING me because on Tuesday night he got me all excited by saying he was feeling better so we could go out for a bit. That meant Christmas tree to me, so after getting hot dogs from Costco (the guy is sick and I said we could get whatever dinner sounded good to him and he chooses hot dogs from Costco..ha) we headed to Walmart to get tissues and Gatorade for the sickie and look at trees!..that probably sounds like a really lame place to go Christmas tree shopping but options are pretty limited when you have our income. They had like three to choose from and in typical fashion I wanted the first one I saw. A little 4 footer for $25. I thought it was perfect, but Jered, being the rational spender, said we should look at Big Lots first.. but not that night, he was starting to feel sick again..

The next night, we went to Big Lots and there it was. A six footed, sparsely branched, beauty. There was like nine inches in between each set of branches but I was in love. Plus, it was only $20 dollars. What a deal! After buying some wrapping paper and a little craft, (we love craft nights) namely a do-it-yourself paper Christmas Village, we were off to trim the tree! It was sooo fun decorating the tree together! I got a little excited with the lights.. I put like four full strands of lights on the little guy, some people I’ve showed pictures to (yes, it’s the background on my phone) think it’s one of those nasty frocked white trees because it looks so light. Not so, it just takes up about as much electricity as those fancy department store trees. One tenth of their size, same amount of lights. We keep tying to fall asleep with the lights on but one of us always ends up getting up in the middle of the night to turn it off.. it’s just too dang bright!

By the time we finished the tree, it was like 11:30, but I wasn’t finished. I decided I couldn’t go to sleep until there was at least one wrapped present under the tree. Luckily, I went a little crazy on Black Friday so there were plenty of presents to wrap. With one big present and a cute little box wrapped I was satisfied. What a great night!

Other fun festive things we’ve done have included things like going to a live nativity. We went with Grandma Poots, Jered’s little tiny grandma. It was soo cool! Real lambs and sheep and Mary even rode in on a live donkey! They do it at a church and they really go all out. It was beautiful! After the show, you go into the church and they have hot coco and cookies and a ton of nativities set up from all around the world. Nativities are like my favorite thing so I loved it! They’re grandma Poots’ favorite thing so I was in good company. Jered was a great sport and held our stuff while we walked around chatting about how much we loved them. I took picture of about 75% of them… what I’m going to do with those pictures I’m not sure.. 

Also, we went to his aunt’s ward Christmas party where they had this family of seven disabled kids do the Nativity.. talk about bringing in the true spirit of Christmas! They were so sweet. We talked to them after and they were the sweetest kids. I’m really glad we got to see that.

Next was making our Christmas village! I wanted to make it like the next day after we bought it, but Jered wanted to wait til Sunday because it thought it would be a "good Sunday activity."  I think he was right and I'm glad he talked me into it, because Tay had come over to visit and ended up staying for dinner and village making.  We watched a Muppet Christmas Movie on youtube and drank hot chocolate while we made the little village.  The Christmas tree was on and it was pouring down rain outside... can you get any better than that?! It turned out so cute!  I was trying to take cute pictures of it, but since Jered is a lot better at that than me, so he took over. He got some good ones, although I can't say I was too much help.  I lay down to watch and by the time he got done, I was out cold. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

what counts

Pretty sure today was the most boring day of work yet.. that’s saying something. All day I’ve tried to busy my self doing good employee-like things.. but what is a person supposed to do when one doctor is out and the other one is only here this afternoon.. the phones have cop webs growing on them their so dead and I feel a fog coming over my brain from the lack of stimulation...

It's four thirty now.. just an hour to go. I’ve managed to stay internet free for most of the day.. although I did get on a blog or two about 6 hours (what felt like 12) into this never ending day. What kills me is that I know Jered is having the same kind of day. With school out and work over for another week, he is about as bored or more than I am. Both having the same day in two different places.. that’s what makes it so boring I guess..

It’s days like these that I don’t regret one bit what I did.. once.. confession time. Jered started trying to talk me into it a couple days before. Calling in sick to work. His friends Bell and Michelle were gonna be in town and they wanted us to come to Six Flags with them. We’ve been trying to go all summer but it was a matter of getting work off since Saturdays are crazy. All day the day before he kept trying to talk me into getting off work telling me how fun it would be to go. I kept saying I couldn’t because I had just missed three days of work to go to Utah. We went back and forth and finally he gave up realizing I had made up my mind. I went to work the next day bummed to say the least. For me, this job is totally a means to an end, and it’s hard to give up stuff like spending a day at Six Flags with my favorite person to go answer phones and make appointments. I got into work and my wonderful co-worker Josie said she was surprised to see me there and that she thought I would have called in sick to go with my husband. That made me totally second guess the whole thing and I started wishing I had just called in sick. She told me to just call my supervisor and tell her I wasn’t feeling well and that would be the end of it. That she would cover for me. It took a few minutes to build up the courage but I called my supervisor and did just that.  And she was fine with it.. and that was that.  I sped home as fast as I could, jumped on Jered who was still asleep and told him we were gonna go play.. on a work day!! Now.. I am in no way suggesting that a little bit of fibbing is the solution to spending more time with your significant other.. but in this case.. it worked.  That day was so wonderful knowing that I should spending an uneventful day at the office and I was instead having the time of my life with my boo at Six Flags. It is a memory I will keep with me for a long time.  I think when I look back in five years, I will still be happy for that magical, (terrifying) day we had at six flags...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Caramel Carnival

Hey o hey o hey o hey o!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see here in blogger USA! Alright, so it is time for the section we all know and love...TMPLO... since you might have forgotten what it's about I will once again refresh the membrain. It is "Things Mariah Purposely Left Out."
 Now if there is one thing that we know about Mariah, it's that she loves me. Another thing she loves is a good box of popcorn.. whether it is the 1,000 dollar popcorn at the movies, the 2 cent popcorn she makes over the stove, or sometimes cold nasty popcorn that has been left out for days... she loves it all the same..or so i thought... It turns out that there is only one type of popcorn that makes Mariah glow, and when I say glow... Im not over exaggerating.
Last night we went to the Orange County Fair and of course there are soooo many food stands. We made a deal that Mariah could have one treat so you can probably guess where she went.. that's right, the nacho stand so she could get herself a nice cheesy plate of nachos......... for those of you who believed that, you must remove yourself from Mariah's friends list on facebook... that was a test of your true friendship because Mariah's friends all know she hates cheese.... BUT... I will grant you mercy. Because you are reading her blog right now... and quite frankly i couldnt think of anything more boring than reading a blog of someone who wasn't your friend.. so even though you thought Mariah got nachos.. you are at least trying.. and i respect that.
Anyway, she went to the popcorn stand, and i had her buy it because I didnt want to see how much it cost. so while she is in line i was just snapping a few pics..

now.. remember before my little practical joke of the whole nachos thing i brought up how Mariah glows over carmel corn? well... i wasn't kidding.. check this picture out
Look at Mariah in the front of the line.... everyone else is as dark as Batman and there is Mariah shining like noon day. Who would of thought caramel popcorn was the trick..  I guess like father like daughter. Here are a few more pics of the fair

so... this last picture is umm.. not of the fair.. but uh... check out the superman shoulders.. im not quite sure what mode the camera was in.. but i will take it.

Catch UP

Well.. I keep having people ask me when we're gonna update the blog, and I just got on here and it's been a month! So I guess it's time.

First and foremost, as I got on her this morning, I noticed something wonderful.. the video link finally shows up on our blog!! So.. Elo, this is for you..

Ok.. i tried like three times to upload but it STILL won't! Video of the house... TBA

Even though I'm still kinda emo about having to work during the summer, we have had good times. Back at the beginning if June, the whole Hawkins family came down to Oceanside and stayed in a beach house for a week. It was so pretty and great to be with everyone again. Jered and I came down for the first part of the week and then the weekend.. we had to work in between.. arg.. work. We spent out time playing in the waves, running on the beach. laying out, reading, playing on this insanely huge pier and the boys even did a little fishing. It was a beautiful resort. I think my favorite thing we did was go to Balboa Park. I had no idea that place was so huge and that there was so much to do! It's absolutely beatiful. Walking around you feel like you're in Europe. I loved it! It gave me the Europe bug again and I came home and started looking up trips on Expedia.. maybe some day.. sigh. Thanks mom and dad for bringing everyone down!

Besides Oceanside, we have spent many happy weekends at the beach. Laguna, Newport, Huntington, Santa Monica, Venice, you name it. We love them all. Over the fourth, we went to the Huntington Pier festival which was way fun. They had live music, a surf competition and about a million people. We had fun taking appoximatly 350 pictures and soaking up some sun!

We also ventured over to Venice Beach a few weeks ago. Let me tell you that was an adventure. That place is out of control! I think they advertize by saying "If you don't fit into normal society, come to this beach."  It was so fun to take pictures there.. you wanted to take one of every person that walked by.  The funniest part about it was that we had always heard that's where all the celebs hang out.  In the words of Snoop Dogg, "Venice Beach and Palm Springs!"  Anyone looking for celebs would be sorely dissapointed.. thoroughly entertaining none the less.

Another exciting thing to happen was to have our dear friends Andra and Jordan Meyer come to visit us!! It was so good to see fellow Utahns and friends at that!  I never knew I would have so much Utah pride.  I had someone call at work the other day from a 435 area code and got excited and asked if she was from Logan.  It's so rare to see that.. you'd think we were back east or something.  Only the Mormons here are from Utah.  Anyway, it was so fun to have them here. We went to Laguna Beach and played, ate some delicious Thai food and to Down Town Disney.  We wish they lived closer!  BFFC!!

Well, that's about it for our little lives.  Jered isn't working right now, he has a break for three weeks from school and work and has decided he is going to cook.  I think it's the cutest thing to come home to him with everything we own out on the counters, a little smirk on his face.  I love it.  He has loved coaching Freshman water polo and has decided to continue on and coach them the rest of the season.  He will start back up in August along with school and his aid job working with autistic kids... I might never see him again..!

We are so excited to go to Utah next week!  I can't wait to see everyone I haven't seen since the wedding!  It will just be good to be in the hills of Bountiful plus I'm excited to go boating!  It seems like it's been years!  I hope we get to see some of you when we are up!!

Here are a few pictures of some of the other things we've been doing. I forgot about some of them until I started looking through our thousands of pictures and found these..
This is Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.. it was one of the coolest things we've done since I came  here. (Jered- We werent aloud to take pictures.. so this is the only picture we really have of us there... this could be taken in our backyard for all you know.. )

Biking to Huntington (Jered-when on LSD..what a ride)

Angels Game (Jered- Angels lost..i was trying to smile but my left hand is revealing how i really felt)
4th of July (By the way.. we had a kid. Her name is Jodyne after her grandmother)

Monday, June 28, 2010

On a spiritual note...

Confession: I am being a not good employee today and have been looking at all of my wonderful friends (and their friends) blogs all morning.. my rationalization is that it's Friday and I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing.. phone is on.. checking in patients.. etc.  The point is.. I love blogs!  I love that they can become such a display of your personality and I love that you can write.  I love writing.  It has always been my outlet. 

Anyway...on a spiritual note.. something I think about on a daily basis since moving to California is how much it has strengthened my testimony.  I think for this time in my life it was about the best thing that ever happened to me. Every day, I am surrounded by people who live for a different purpose than I do; most of them don't know what that purpose is.  It has been so interesting to be a minority in every since of the word.  ( I am one of like three white people at work and there is only one other mormon out of like 50 employees)  On a daily basis, I get asked about my beliefs.  Where did you learn spanish (the mission talk) Why would you chose to go to Guatemala.. You got married soo young... wait, you didn't have sex til I got married?! You want HOW many kids? Who is that Joseph Smith guy?  Are Mormons Christian? What cofee do you want from Starbucks? Questions about Sunday, alcohol, the bible, church, and just basic life happiness.  All around me, I see people how are missing something in their lives.  It has been a priviledged to work here, I have been so welcomed and accepted. People have been friendly and extremely helpful.  I have talked to them and gotten to know them.. and that's when I see their unhappiness.  Family problems, relationship problems, depression, lost kids, deaths. So so many problems.. with nowhere to turn.  I admire them.  I don't think I could go on living the lives that some of them do without the knowledge of the gospel.  I think I am too weak.  I would want to give up or wonder what it was all for.  It is our knowledge that brings us happiness.  We know what the trials are for!  We know where they come from! We know who to turn to!  We know what marriage and families are about! 

        I have never loved being with "a gathering of Saints" more in my life. To walk into a packed chapel or endowement session and feel the strength of those members who are in the world and not of it is inspiring.  I have never wanted more to be a good example, so replace fear or being unaccepted with faith.  It is a scary thing being different.  At the same time, I am proud.  Proud and humbled simultaneously. Proud to be part of this marvelous work.  Humbled by the responsibility I have to be a "light on the hill."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


 welcome back bloggers of the mountain standard time. This is your Captain Jered, everyone please be seated, relax and enjoy this weeks episode of TMPLO
So, during this paradise weekend mariah left out one thing.. When we were waiting for our appointment to go snorkeling.. we walked onto a private beach.. well the private beach had a ton of people and.. free beach chairs.. and... so we thought we could maybe sneak us a chair... due to the fact that we didn't even bring one beach towel with us.. ha.. so within about 5 mins of seating we noticed they were coming around taking some sort of attendance ... so we bailed.. we ended up walking all the way down the beach and laid out on just bare wet sand for the hour before our appointment, where mariah told me the whole story of beauty and the beast, after that we walked over and kayaked and swam for 3 hours... so if we do the math... thats 4 hours straight in the sun.. and if we didn't bring beach towels... than by golly we didn't bring any sun screen... so that means.... yes.. we are sunburned... bad.. dont believe me? well.. here is your proof..
now you may be thinking.. well thats not bad... well confession... i photo shopped this.. you may notice that all the color seems a bit dim.. well here's why

ya.... a little burnt.. we came home both with VERY red shoulders and spent the evening dabbing vinegar on our shoulders.. because again.. if we didn't have beach towels.. and didn't have sunscreen... then you know we didn't have aloe vera gel. 
LAST THOUGHT: Mariah is a great photographer.. we are both still learning and are getting a bit better by the trip. I love her pictures.. she is just hard on herself

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I'm gonna try to write like a blog a week just about what's going on in our lives here in California just to keep ya'll a little more updated...

About a month ago we really splurged and decided to spend a lot more than we were planning on on a camera.  It is a Nikon 1400 I think and we're still trying to figure it out..

It was has been so much fun going places with our new camera.. it gives us more of a reason to explore because we want to try and get some cool pics.  I'm so glad Jered has gotten so into it, he's way better than I am and has a real eye for light.  The majority of the cool pictures we have are ones he took.  We want to try and find a cheap or free photography class so we can actually know what we're doing instead of just moving around a bunch of knobs and hope things turn out alright.

San Diego was the perfect place to do just that.  We left early Saturday morning from Fullerton and headed straight to the Del Coronado Hotel on Coronado Island.  The hotel is like 120 years old and soo beautiful.  It's pretty swanky and so are the people that stay there.  We tried to see as much as we could of the place and even snuck in on part of a tour which got us into their main banquet hall.. totally worth it.

We spent most of the weekend just exploring different places like the Seaport Village with the Star of India...

It was interesting to see them at night.. it's a whole different experience.
Sunday we spent a lot of the day at Old Town after finding an elusive Meeting House and listening to some pretty interesting talks.  Highlights included watching a potter create some little sombreros and pots and listening to a wind pipe (i think they're called) band.

Monday was our favorite day by far.  We woke up bright and early and checked out of our ghetto little Days Inn Motel on E Street and headed up to La Jolla.  We walked on the beautiful shores of La Jolla and ate sandwiches in a little Cafe until it was time for our Kayak and Snorkel trip.  Our guide Julie took us out on bright orange kayaks complete with wetsuit, goggles, snorkel and flippers.  We kayaked out to caves on the cliffs of La Jolla right next to a huge group of sea lions and got our snorkels on, swimming right next to the sea lions.  We got to swim through the caves and even snorkel through a bed of Leopard Spotted sharks.  It was such a beautiful sunny day and it was so fun to be in the water and not freeze to death.  We finished up the day with some hole in the wall delicious sushi and some traffic-free driving all the way home.. what a perfect Memorial weekend!

My first ever post!!

I decided Friday afternoon as the phones died down and the last few patients meandered into the doctors office I work at that the time had come for me to create a blog.  It is something I have been thinking about for awhile now for a variety of reasons... First and foremost,  I am horrible at keeping a journal these days, and thought if I had somewhere to write that was like I was writing to an actual person, maybe I would be more likely to write more often.  I've never been one to write anything really personal on Facebook for the world to see, but I think if I know that only people who really know me are on here, I will feel more comfortable being a little more real.  Secondly, I thought it would be a good way of keeping in touch with all you people I never see anymore now that I'm in California.  Lastly, I needed just a little creative outlet, and figured this would be a good place for it, emphasis on little.  Choose a template, download some pictures and write some stuff and you've got yourself a blog...

Every Saturday, we plug a different destination into our GPS, generally with no specific plans in mind.  It is the time I look forward to most in the week, exploring Orange County with my favorite person.  

We've all had the experience of stumbling into something amazing and, rather than pausing to soak it all in ourselves, instead feel the gaping emptiness of a person we care about; we wish they were there to share some of the amazing with us.  

One of my favorite things about being married is always having that person I want most to share the amazing with at my side when I come across such a situation.  

Three Fridays ago during my lunch break I was looking up cheap things to do for the fast approaching weekend.  I came across some underground band that was coming to some underground bar I knew nothing about called Alex's in Long Beach.  I was a little hesitant, but noticed there was a $5 dollar "suggested donation"and thought perfect, a couple of bucks will buy us a night of music.  

Predictably so, the parking lot of the bar found us in an extremely sketchy part of down town Long Beach.  The bar's plain black iron door had stood undetectable among a row of black iron doors,  and when we finally did find the right one, we sat in our car a good 15 minutes trying to decide if it was safe to go in; we spent the majority of the time calculating the white to every-other-race ratio to see if we would be welcome or not.  When we finally got the guts to go in, a gigantic bouncer with no neck carded us and informed us it would 10 dollars for the two us to get in, so much for "suggested donation." We decided it wasn't worth the money and walked slowly back to our little grey corolla feeling slightly defeated.  

Being resigned not to call it a night, we started looking up different "Night Life" points of interest on our GPS.  All sounded steep, but we decided to drive to the bar anyway because we had learned from the recording it was "located in beautiful down town Long Beach."

We weren't expecting much, but to our surprise, it took us to a lot larger city center than we expected or knew existed.  As we got closer, we saw hundreds of people on the streets.  We coudn't figure out what was going on.. turns out it was the weekend of the Grand Prix and everyone was out to party!

It was so much fun just to be down there with everyone even if we didn't know the first thing about Nascar.

We ended up coming across this amazing part of Long Beach all built on the river with twinkling lights, water taxis and even a light house.  It was so romantic to sit on the dock and overlook a seen we hadn't even known existed thirty minutes earlier.  That's what's so wonderful about this place, you never know where you'll end up... 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Attention to the fellowship of the bloggers! This is Jered the grey reporting in his segment of the Blog. My segment shall be name.... "Things Mariah Purposely Left Out" or in shorter more hip internet lingo "TMPLO"
This week.. on the TMPLO, i bring you .. da da NAAA!!!!

Now some of you may be wondering... What on earth is Mariah wearing.. others may be wondering.. why is Jered talking like he is from middle earth.. but i think we can all agree on one thing.. we all know why this is something Mariah purposely left out of her blog.(TMPLO)
I found this thing in the bottom of my closet like a week ago.. pretty sure the laminates ate their food off this back in the good old days of BC.. anyways it had some weird zipper thing/ button up thing going on.. so once we figured out that you could look like Dumbledore with just a zip and snap, Mariah decided it was going to be her way of keeping warm....every night..... from about 10pm on... so what you see here.. is what I see every night..... every night.... i have just come to terms with it now... still throws me for a loop in the middle of the night when i go to snuggle with her and i have a Ferby in my arms... But yah.. there you go... this was this weeks edition of TMPLO! Thanks for reading in my fellow Bloggers!