Monday, August 22, 2011

13 Weeks

Pregnancy these days is going great. I have some hard days sometimes (like yesterday.. I got home and couldn’t get off the couch and I had so much to do!) but for the most part my energy is back and as long as I eat.. constantly.. I feel pretty good. I am starting to get a serious belly. Forever I couldn’t tell if it was just my extra padding around the middle I’ve acquired over that past couple of years or if it’s really getting bigger. About two days ago when Jered couldn’t keep his eyes off my belly and was telling me how big it had gotten this week and after looking in the mirror and realizing I could no longer suck in the excess, I came to the conclusion it was starting to become an official "bump." I’m glad for that because after already being pregnant for 3 1/2 months without anyone being able to tell is getting old. I bought some really cute maternity clothes last week and I’m excited for them to start fitting better.
As far as symptoms I don’t really notice a whole lot.. I have been so lucky that way. I mean there is the nausea in the mornings, the exhaustion and the hunger pretty much throughout the day, and use the bathroom every 30 min, but other than that I feel very normal.
People are always asking me about cravings. I haven’t had any crazy ones yet. I’ll crave something and it will either taste delicious like I can’t get enough or I’ll get over it really quickly. Like yesterday I really wanted pizza but I didn’t want a WHOLE pizza. So I went to one of those part Taco Bell part Pizza Hut things for lunch and got a personal pan like I used to in elementary. I ate two little pieces and was done and felt sick for the next hour. No bueno. Healthy almost always sounds better (except late night ice cream) and fruit always sounds good. We went to the fair last week with Jered’s parents and his aunt and uncle and it was greesy food city. Baby wasn’t having it. The only thing that really tasted good to me was a berry milkshake.
Yesterday, we went to our 3rd check up with the OB. We are going to Dr. Akerman who we both really like. He is Columbiano and super funny. I like that he keeps everything light and talks to both of us instead of just me. Both times we him, we had ultra sounds but the awkward up in there kind that required me to undress from the waste down. I’ll tell you it’s pretty awkward meeting a doctor for the first time with nothing more than a sheet over your privies. So we did that the first two visits and then yesterday we saw his nurse practitioner Debbie. I really liked her too. Had more of a mom approach and I felt more like she had been there but she didn’t involve Jered as much. So pros and cons of both. Yesterday though, for the first time, we were able to hear the heart beat just through my tummy. It was soo cool. The babies heart beat was about 160 beats per minutes which if you believe that old wives tale means there’s a good chance it’s a girl! (good thing because both my mom and I have already bought girl clothes.. ha.) One thing that surprised me was that she said for my height I should only gain about 20 pounds. That’s not very much! So far, I have gained 0 pounds which is the worlds biggest mystery. I have increased at least one cup size and my stomach as previously established is definitely bigger, plus I eat constantly. How is it that I have not gained so much as a pound? Jered is ticked about the whole thing.. ha. He thinks it’s ridiculous that I eat whenever and whatever I want with no consequences.
I am SOO excited to start feeling the baby move. I think that will really make this whole thing start to feel more real. I get more excited every day and can’t wait to find out the sex to I can start going crazy and also learn how to sew. (with no previous experience I plan to make at the least a baby blanket and a mobile with adorable birds on it.. wish me luck) For now, February seems like forever but I’m sure it’s going to start flying by!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite Summer things

Riding Bikes to the beach!
Seeing Dierks Bentley at the Angels game! 

Trip to Lake Mead!
A few weeks ago, we headed down to Lake Mead with some of
our friends for the weekend.  It was a lot of driving and quite the
adventure but way fun none-the-less.  The kids we went with
are a good time.
Four of the 6 boys (and two girls) who went
Some other friends from BYU we met up with, they had like
15 people on that one boat for 3 days straight
The name of the boat.. very fitting

The twins being born!
                                Jered took these for a baby shower invitation.. they are precious!
                                                                 Such a cute family

Going to the Farmers Market

Going to the Orange County Fair!
                                Lori my aunt and Lynda and Grant my mother and father in law stuffing        
                                themselves full of yummy fair food.. they are the people to go to the fair with
                                when it comes to trying any food you've ever wanted to
                                             The Peeking Acrobats.. one of my favorites
                                We saw Bill Cosby.. such a funny man.  I LOVED seeing him live.
Some of our Summer ticket stubs

Big Brother

Going to Utah (see previous post)

Pageant of the Masters
                                          One of the most amazing things I've seen!
And so many other wonderful things I don't have pictures of like staying in a goreous beach house in Ventura with the Robinson, going to the Huntington Beach Festival, the swap meet, staying in a hotel in Costa Mesa just for fun, Wild Rivers, having my parents come to play and going to Griffith Park Observatory and Santa Monica Pier and I'm sure other things I forgot.  Sumer 2011... you have been good to us! 


I wrote this post on June 5, the night we found out we were pregnant at like 1:00 am.  I'm glad that I wrote this because it was exactly how I was feeling when I found out.  I know this is pretty lengthy but I am going to try to keep a pretty consistent pregnancy journal on here so this is mostly for posterity...

Ok.. so, I'm feeling a little sureal right now.  I don't even really know how to explain how I feel.I guess i should explain why i'm feeling this way.  Back in February, I went off birth control.  Jered and i had talked about it and we had decided we were ready to start trying to get pregnant.  The thing was, I had been wanting to try for already like 5 months but that was what we compromised on.  So I was all gung ho once I went off birth control and was thinking I would get pregnant hopefully in the next two months.  Two months came and went and no baby.  And I was reading into it WAY more than I should have been but after those two month I was still ok.  But when April came and went and it was still no dice, I was started to freak out a bit.  I was frustrated by trying to figure out my ovulation and felt like I was doing everything right so what was the problem.  In May, I bought the little ovulation tester thingys to take out some of the guess work but they looked the same to me every day.  So we did our best but I was starting to be resigned to the fact that this was going to take a lot longer than I originally thought.  Anyway, last week, I started counting down to the days until my period.  This week, I knew I was supposed to start on Thursday or Friday and I was going to try to wait until I officially missed my period but by Wednesday I was so antsy I took the test anyway.  I just wanted to know if I wasn't pregnant so I could start accepting the fact that it wouldn't be this month so I could stop worrying about it.  The test was negative.  It was what I had expected, but I was still sad.  Jered was really sweet and when I came home he had bought me flowers and cleaned up and hugged me and told me he was sorry and that we would try next month.  Alright I thought, then let me just start my period already.  Thursday came and went and nothing.  By the end of the day, my co-worker convinced me to take one of the fancy doctor tests just to make sure and sure enough, it says negative right away.  Well, Friday came and went and still nothing.  Saturday too.. then, Saturday night about 10 oclock, after still nothing, I decided I would take my last pregnancy test just to make triple sure (I know, I'm a nut case) The test was one of those really cheapy ones that barely shows up the negative line let alone the positive.  I took it and one line showed up right away.  "That's it" I thought.  No more tests, just wait until you start!! Well, as I walked out of the bathroom, I saw the faintest glimpse of a crossing pink line over the negative one (if you're preggo, it makes a plus, if not just one straight line) I looked at it again thinking it must be the lighting and had Jered come look at it.  Does that look like a line?  I asked.  I think so, he said unsure.  We let it sit another minute and looked again. yeah, he said, that's definitely a line.  I don't believe it, I said doubtfully. Should we buy another one just to make sure?  Yeah.. he said, lets buy another one. We walked out to our car in silence, both a little unsure of what was going on.  Hadn't I already done this twice and it had said no?  What was going on.  This is the LAST thing I was expecting.  We bought the really expensive test that digitally flashes pregnant or not pregnant and I went into the bathroom telling myself the whole time not to get my hopes up it was probably a mistake and that I was never going to buy a cheapy pregnancy test again. Well, I took the test with baited breath.. watched as the little moniter blinked a hour glass, and screamed when it flashed pregnant.  There was no denying it.  This was the real thing.
Now, as I sit here, I feel different than I thought I would.  I feel so calm, and not even super excited or happy.  Just calm.  I think it's because i'm still waiting for someone to yell april fools or to take another test that says negative. i am 2 and 2.  I was looking up stuff about the first trimester tonight and it seemed like i was just doing it for some day when I would be pregnant.  Weird.  I don't think it will really sink in until i hear the babies heart beat for the first time. For now, I have felt 0 symptoms.  I'm not sure how to take that.  But for now, I just feel an enormous amount of relief and a little but of shock.  I am so grateful that I didn't have to wait a year like I thought I might.
More to come. .
                                 Pretty sunflowers my boo bought before we knew..
                                 Gotta show the pee stick right?  All part of the pregnancy post!