Sunday, May 16, 2010

Attention to the fellowship of the bloggers! This is Jered the grey reporting in his segment of the Blog. My segment shall be name.... "Things Mariah Purposely Left Out" or in shorter more hip internet lingo "TMPLO"
This week.. on the TMPLO, i bring you .. da da NAAA!!!!

Now some of you may be wondering... What on earth is Mariah wearing.. others may be wondering.. why is Jered talking like he is from middle earth.. but i think we can all agree on one thing.. we all know why this is something Mariah purposely left out of her blog.(TMPLO)
I found this thing in the bottom of my closet like a week ago.. pretty sure the laminates ate their food off this back in the good old days of BC.. anyways it had some weird zipper thing/ button up thing going on.. so once we figured out that you could look like Dumbledore with just a zip and snap, Mariah decided it was going to be her way of keeping warm....every night..... from about 10pm on... so what you see here.. is what I see every night..... every night.... i have just come to terms with it now... still throws me for a loop in the middle of the night when i go to snuggle with her and i have a Ferby in my arms... But yah.. there you go... this was this weeks edition of TMPLO! Thanks for reading in my fellow Bloggers!