Saturday, July 31, 2010

Caramel Carnival

Hey o hey o hey o hey o!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see here in blogger USA! Alright, so it is time for the section we all know and love...TMPLO... since you might have forgotten what it's about I will once again refresh the membrain. It is "Things Mariah Purposely Left Out."
 Now if there is one thing that we know about Mariah, it's that she loves me. Another thing she loves is a good box of popcorn.. whether it is the 1,000 dollar popcorn at the movies, the 2 cent popcorn she makes over the stove, or sometimes cold nasty popcorn that has been left out for days... she loves it all the same..or so i thought... It turns out that there is only one type of popcorn that makes Mariah glow, and when I say glow... Im not over exaggerating.
Last night we went to the Orange County Fair and of course there are soooo many food stands. We made a deal that Mariah could have one treat so you can probably guess where she went.. that's right, the nacho stand so she could get herself a nice cheesy plate of nachos......... for those of you who believed that, you must remove yourself from Mariah's friends list on facebook... that was a test of your true friendship because Mariah's friends all know she hates cheese.... BUT... I will grant you mercy. Because you are reading her blog right now... and quite frankly i couldnt think of anything more boring than reading a blog of someone who wasn't your friend.. so even though you thought Mariah got nachos.. you are at least trying.. and i respect that.
Anyway, she went to the popcorn stand, and i had her buy it because I didnt want to see how much it cost. so while she is in line i was just snapping a few pics..

now.. remember before my little practical joke of the whole nachos thing i brought up how Mariah glows over carmel corn? well... i wasn't kidding.. check this picture out
Look at Mariah in the front of the line.... everyone else is as dark as Batman and there is Mariah shining like noon day. Who would of thought caramel popcorn was the trick..  I guess like father like daughter. Here are a few more pics of the fair

so... this last picture is umm.. not of the fair.. but uh... check out the superman shoulders.. im not quite sure what mode the camera was in.. but i will take it.

Catch UP

Well.. I keep having people ask me when we're gonna update the blog, and I just got on here and it's been a month! So I guess it's time.

First and foremost, as I got on her this morning, I noticed something wonderful.. the video link finally shows up on our blog!! So.. Elo, this is for you..

Ok.. i tried like three times to upload but it STILL won't! Video of the house... TBA

Even though I'm still kinda emo about having to work during the summer, we have had good times. Back at the beginning if June, the whole Hawkins family came down to Oceanside and stayed in a beach house for a week. It was so pretty and great to be with everyone again. Jered and I came down for the first part of the week and then the weekend.. we had to work in between.. arg.. work. We spent out time playing in the waves, running on the beach. laying out, reading, playing on this insanely huge pier and the boys even did a little fishing. It was a beautiful resort. I think my favorite thing we did was go to Balboa Park. I had no idea that place was so huge and that there was so much to do! It's absolutely beatiful. Walking around you feel like you're in Europe. I loved it! It gave me the Europe bug again and I came home and started looking up trips on Expedia.. maybe some day.. sigh. Thanks mom and dad for bringing everyone down!

Besides Oceanside, we have spent many happy weekends at the beach. Laguna, Newport, Huntington, Santa Monica, Venice, you name it. We love them all. Over the fourth, we went to the Huntington Pier festival which was way fun. They had live music, a surf competition and about a million people. We had fun taking appoximatly 350 pictures and soaking up some sun!

We also ventured over to Venice Beach a few weeks ago. Let me tell you that was an adventure. That place is out of control! I think they advertize by saying "If you don't fit into normal society, come to this beach."  It was so fun to take pictures there.. you wanted to take one of every person that walked by.  The funniest part about it was that we had always heard that's where all the celebs hang out.  In the words of Snoop Dogg, "Venice Beach and Palm Springs!"  Anyone looking for celebs would be sorely dissapointed.. thoroughly entertaining none the less.

Another exciting thing to happen was to have our dear friends Andra and Jordan Meyer come to visit us!! It was so good to see fellow Utahns and friends at that!  I never knew I would have so much Utah pride.  I had someone call at work the other day from a 435 area code and got excited and asked if she was from Logan.  It's so rare to see that.. you'd think we were back east or something.  Only the Mormons here are from Utah.  Anyway, it was so fun to have them here. We went to Laguna Beach and played, ate some delicious Thai food and to Down Town Disney.  We wish they lived closer!  BFFC!!

Well, that's about it for our little lives.  Jered isn't working right now, he has a break for three weeks from school and work and has decided he is going to cook.  I think it's the cutest thing to come home to him with everything we own out on the counters, a little smirk on his face.  I love it.  He has loved coaching Freshman water polo and has decided to continue on and coach them the rest of the season.  He will start back up in August along with school and his aid job working with autistic kids... I might never see him again..!

We are so excited to go to Utah next week!  I can't wait to see everyone I haven't seen since the wedding!  It will just be good to be in the hills of Bountiful plus I'm excited to go boating!  It seems like it's been years!  I hope we get to see some of you when we are up!!

Here are a few pictures of some of the other things we've been doing. I forgot about some of them until I started looking through our thousands of pictures and found these..
This is Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.. it was one of the coolest things we've done since I came  here. (Jered- We werent aloud to take pictures.. so this is the only picture we really have of us there... this could be taken in our backyard for all you know.. )

Biking to Huntington (Jered-when on LSD..what a ride)

Angels Game (Jered- Angels lost..i was trying to smile but my left hand is revealing how i really felt)
4th of July (By the way.. we had a kid. Her name is Jodyne after her grandmother)