Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weeks 15-17

Baby Update:
Week 14 1/2:

This week has been a little rocky, not too bad though. I am definetly getting over the worst of the first trimester (not like my 1st was anything horrible). A few things about this week On Monday, we went to this little ultra sound place in costa mesa and got an ultra sound to find out the sex of the baby. We found out we are having a BOY. I have to say I was a little shocked. I didn’t fully realize til the next couple of days, but apparently I have always imagined myself having a girl first. I have thought about every part of motherhood as having a girl from the clothes to the little white blessing dress to the nursery to the toys, everything. Since I was young not just since I was married or found out I was pregnant. So, to find out I was having a boy, it wasn’t like it was devastating or anything, I am just realizing I have to change the way I’ve been thinking. So, for the past few days I have been doing things like looking up cute baby boy pictures on the internet and baby boy nurseries.. and they are adorable. The day we found out, I hadn’t really said anything to my or jered’s parents about it except that I was excited. That night when we went to bed, Jered asked me how I really felt. I was so glad he did because I was able to express how I had always imagined a girl and it wasn’t that I wasn't excited just to have any kind of a baby, but how I really am going to have to change my way of thinking about a baby from always being a girl to being a boy. He was so sweet. He reminded me that this isn’t just by chance that we got a boy first, that this little spirit comes from our Heavenly Father and that he wanted him here for a reason. He talked about what a privilege it will be to raise this spirit that will come down in the last days, a priesthood holder saved until the end. It really changed how I thought about things. Made me realize I had been thinking about it the wrong way. But, at the same time I was so grateful he took the time to ask me how I was really feeling about everything because I was able to sit and tell him what I was really thinking and that it was kind of hard for me because right now it isn’t a relationship I have with the baby, it is just a gender. So right now it’s hard that the gender isn’t a girl, but i have no doubt that by the time this sweet baby is born that I will be 100% over that and probably wont be able to imagine having a girl first. I am so grateful for a husband who is so in tune with the Spirit and with my and what I need. He always tells me just what I need to hear and he is 100% sincere. As my pregnancy progresses, it becomes more and more of a spiritual thing for me. I feel closer to the Lord knowing that one of his precious Spirits will soon be part of our family and that we are taking part in that creation. There are so many things I want to teach this little one. I want to study and pray and be as close to the Lord as I can so that I will be guided in my parenting. I don’t think it has ever been more important. I am so grateful that I was raised with a mother who helped me to understand the divine role of motherhood. That I understand the importance of being there for your children, and that raising them is more fulfilling than any career or monetary thing I could have. I am grateful that I am able to still do most of what I did before, that I am not so sick that it limits me from playing with Jered this last summer we have just the two of us. I feel very blessed.

Week 17:
Things in the world of pregnancy is going splendidly. I am so grateful that I have yet to get any of the particularly nasty symptoms I hear friends and fellow bloggers talking about. Things like terrible heart burn and bloody noses.
Things I've noticed this week:
-I am hungry.. always but I can’t eat a lot in one sitting
-Both fruits and vegetables now sound good thank goodness; makes my resolve to eat healthy a little easier. I am, however, always wanting a treat these days.
-I keep thinking I feel the baby kick but I’m not sure if I’m just psyching myself out or not. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to feel like
- Me and the bathroom are besties
- I am getting really excited about a boy. My mom came down to visit last week, the little sweetheart, and we went baby clothes shopping and bought some really cute things, my favorite being these little teddy bear newborn slippers. For some reason those little slippers won me over. They are so adorable and I cant wait to put them on little chubby feet.
- It is starting to feel uncomfortable to bend straight down to pick something up. Even though I’m sure it’s in my head, I feel like I’m squishing the poor babe.
- I feel like I’ve ages 15 years. Not much when I’m sitting working all day, but when I’m walking around all day
- My waist is no more. Rip..
- I have gained 3.5 pounds… not sure how to feel an entire body shape can change and only add 3.5 pounds to the bulk
- I find myself becoming a lot more aware of what I’m listening to and saying now that I know the babe can hear our voices. Jered likes to talk directly into my stomach… like when you give rasberries only he talks. The baby is going to thing his dad talks like Casey from the bachelor pad.. zing!