Thursday, July 26, 2012

The forgotten four month post

Somehow, I wrote this post over a month ago and never posted it.. Lukie's five and a half months now!

Luke is starting to do some things that I don’t want to forget.

For example, on Monday night, he laughed for the first time. Jered and I were at his parent’s house and Luke was being a pill so we took him for a walk around their neighborhood. He loves walks and was being smiley and I started tickling him and he did this growly low laugh. It was the cutest thing ever. Seriously melted my heart. I’m so glad Jered was there for it! So laugh for the first time at 3 ½ months.

He is starting to look more like a baby. He is filling out a lot more and I feel like he gets cuter all the time. So many times throughout the day, I find myself looking at him wondering what he is going to look like when he’s older. His blue eyes are beautiful. I think they are going to get him a lot of attention throughout his life. They are the first thing people comment on whenever they see him.

He has become a thumb sucker. It is honestly the cutest thing. Some people tell me how bad it is but I say if I’m not having to constantly find a pacy I’ll take it. Plus watching him suck that tiny thumb of his makes my day.

He is such a happy baby. I love that he is starting to like social interaction more. If he can’t see me for a while in his crib or bouncer, he’ll start to whine. As soon as I bring him over to me, he’ll talk and smile and coo.

He is becoming so vocal. The noises he makes are such a crack up. I love it. I always wonder what makes him turn it on because he’ll go for hours and not make a peep and then all of the sudden he goes crazy.

I love that whenever I feed him or give him his pacy or am stroking his face trying to get him to fall asleep, he always puts his hand of mine or holds my finger or something. It is so sweet.

He wiggles like crazy! He is getting hard to hold because he stiffens up his whole body and when he gets excited his arms and legs go crazy.

He is starting to hold onto things more and put them in his mouth when we give them to him. Not really grabbing at things, just swatting but anything I put up to his mouth he tries to suck on.

I tried giving him rice cereal for the first time last night (06-05-12) He seemed ticked. Like he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t understand that what I was giving him was food he just knew he was hungry so he kept turning away from the food and would open his mouth huge to nurse. It was so funny. Any cereal I did manage to get in his mouth he spit out. I’m gonna say he’s not quite ready for that just yet. But a couple weeks later I fed him sweet potatoes and he really liked them.

He is starting to go to sleep earlier, thank the heavens, and we start trying to get him to sleep around 7:30 or 8 now. Sometimes, he has off nights and it’s later but he is starting to get in more of a schedule. Thankfully, he never wants to wake up for the day before 9 and usually not before 930 or 10, sometimes even 11.

Every day I am excited for him to wake up. I love taking him on walks because he always gets so excited and is so happy during them. When I go with my friends, it’s hard to pay attention to what they are saying because I just want to talk to and play with Luke.
He is such a blessing in my life. Every day I feel grateful to have this happy healthy baby in my arms.
Pics from four months


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