Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

This labor day weekend was just what I wanted.  On Friday night, we went to this yummy organic burger place in the corporate part of Irvine.  It was inside of an office building (hard to find) but the food was good and I loved sitting outside next to pieces of art and a fountain.  We went to the District in Irvine and walked around getting gelato and chocolate dipped s’mores for dessert.  Luke belly laughed when Jered showed him a stuffed turtle, something we have been trying to get him to do for months.  His laugh is low and raspy, I didn’t expect that but I love that he sounds like an old man when he really gets going.  We came home and read stories and put Luke to sleep and watched a couple of episodes of Ancient Aliens… that show is whack.

Saturday we bumbed around the house all morning.  Finally got around to exercising at like noon and left the house after Luke had two naps making it closer to three.. I know.. lazy day.  I love those days though.  When we finally left the house, we went to Irvine park and parked like half a mile away to save $3 dollars in parking.  The plan was to go to the zoo in the park, but we didn’t get there until 4:15 and the zoo closed at 4:30.  We, of course, were too cheap to pay $4 dollars for 15 minutes of zoo entertainment, so we instead laid on the grass just outside the zoo and cooled off in the shade and talked about how whack Ancient Aliens is… is was our topic of conversation for a good 24 hours after we watched it.  After a lovely walk in the park and getting some video footage on our old school video camera we recently dug up, we walked back and decided to go to Applebees for dinner… bad choice.  I don’t remember the last time we ate at a chain restaurant and I was quickly reminded why- overpriced, greasy, tasteless food-the 2 for $20 deal lured us in.  Lesson learned.  We spend the evening at Best Buy playing their instruments with Luke and get a juice for dessert.  (we never miss desert on the weekend.)

Sunday was church and the missionaries for dinner and lots of episodes of Being Human.  A lazy but lovely day.

Today, labor day, we went to Pepe’s for lunch then to Carbon Canyon park to walk around which turned into a run at one oclock in the afternoon which almost led to heat stroke.  We went to grandma Poots for swimming and barbeque with the Robinsons.  Luke loved the pool and splashing with his twin cousins.  The hamburgers and s’mores were yummy and the company was better.  Tomorrow, everyone starts school, which means that Summer is officially over.  ☹

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