Monday, May 21, 2012

Life with a 3 month baby!

I'm going to try to stop saying this every post, but I honestly can't believe our baby is 3 months old!  I keep wanting to post in between his month posts and then before I know it another month has gone by!  It's the same with everything though, on the one hand, I can't believe he is already 3 months, on the other hand I can't remember what life was like without him.

This month has, for me, been the most fun.  Luke is getting so interactive and when he smiles and coos and flaps his arms and legs just because I talk to him, it melts my heart.. every time.. it never gets old.  

Month 3
Luke is starting to be able to roll from his side to his back, something that makes his previous side sleeping a little tricky. He prefers to sleep on his side but he doesn't know how to get there once on his back.  

He has become such a smiley boy.  Especially after naps and when we go on walks.  He loves walking and is all smiles the whole time.  I LOVE it.  He loves it when we sing and dance.  He gets so excited and flails his arms and legs like crazy.  

He is such a happy baby.  The only time he is fussy is bed time. He falls right to sleep for naps but for some reason he hates bed time.  Jered has devised this bed on the floor where he can feel the air from the window on his face and he sleeps the best there.  I don't know what makes the difference because he takes two naps or more a day in his crib just fine!
He does this thing with his hands, always has, where it looks like he's about to pray.  He always has them up by his face in that position when he eats or is just hanging out.  It is adorable. 

He is starting to get really good at recognizing me and will look for me when he hears my voice and sometimes even cries when someone else has him and he sees me.  I know it's probably not good but I sort of love it..

He still breathes like a grimlan and has starting to drool like crazy!!  His whole front is covered in drool at all times.  

He is starting coo a lot more and gets so excited when we play with him.  I was telling Jered the other day I can't stop talking to him.  At home, in public, if he's awake we're talking and I love it when he responds to me.  I thought I would miss him being a tiny newborn but I am LOVING this stage he is in.    It's perfect because he's not grabbing everything and getting into things, he just lays on the ground and coos and smiles at you.  I think it is that interaction that I haven't been able to have with him until now is what has made this month such a special one and why I feel like my love for him has increased ten fold.  I love nothing more than when he wakes up all smiley and wants to play with mama.  I never thought I would enjoy that interaction so much, that I would miss him when he's been asleep for a long time but I totally do.  I feel so blessed to have such a sweet boy in my life.  To have a little buddy who goes with me everywhere and who is happy just to be there.  Love you bug! 

Here are some pics from family pictures with Amy Rex and then some of the bug.  


  1. I wish every baby in the world was loved and cherished the way Luke is. It would be a different planet. Great post! I miss that little bug